Ci,ah’ (fu) tha Bullit Ant PARAPONERA CLAVATA

Watch ya step – Ci,ah'(fu) is its name, meaning Bullit Ant in Swahili, being it’s bite is equivalent to a 38 pistol; which is a great description of lyrical prowess. Paraponera Clavata is a species of ant which also happens to be the title of its solo debut. Connecting with L.A. producers Rich the Ripper, Willie Harvey of H3Films to Mind Frame & Obsurd 1nder (California) to producer Willie Sacks in Vancouver, Canada. The goal is worldwide!

As CEO of 1315, the work ethic speaks for itself. Formerly known as tha U.R.B.Z. until a trademark infringement, we are bonefied in the industry! The strive is to give u more lyrical content while at the same time putting forth the effort to spit over your head, stripping a beat to the bone.connect to it — welcome & always stay tuned!