Montell’s currently working on new releases with groups AMG and 1315. He’s teamed up with another KC Artist, Yung Von and their singles include “Standout” – “Out There” & “Authority” Montell’s also been featured in the upcoming release of the Kansas City Hood Classic, “Welcome to Killa City.” also featuring Mon EG, Freeway, and Ness from Making the Band

Having previously worked with names such as Tech N9ne, Rick Ross, Mon EG from SSP, Yo Gotti, Freeway, Ampichino, Montell has an impressive background in music. Since birth, Montell has been in the studio surrounded by numerous artist and music, therefore was continously influenced by his environment. 11 years later, he transitioned from being known as Montell Kyle, to being named Monte “MTK” Madeoff, MTK and also Mamba. Being self taught in music producing, playing piano, making instrumentals, and recording vocals, Montell took it upon himself to build his own studio for his music as well as for other artists. This has led him to make his own productions under, MTK Productions, with him as the Head CEO.

In his own words, “Music is more than a hobby for me, it’s my passion, my life…the air I breathe, the food I eat. I wasn’t taught music, I Am Music.”

MTK Productions specialize in versatility with genres like Hip-Hop/Rap Music, Pop, R&B, Soul, and even a touch of Jazz. MTK is always open for new business. Gifted with the ability to make a production within minutes on demand He’s mastered the software known as “FL Studio” with a strong 14 years under his belt using this program, he’s explored all the ins and outs this program has to offer. Giving the consumer a real experience of originality to complement their work as an artist

If you happen to be interested in doing business with MTK Productions, he can be contacted @ mtk.production (at) gmail.com 816.719.8980 or 816.469.2669 for any booking or inquiries.

Keep your eye out for MTK and groups AMG and 1315 in the year 2016. More albums, more EP’s, and more music is on the way!!!